Go Carz happy to support disabled football academy in Telford

We always like to do our bit to support the local community here at Go Carz, so we were delighted to be able to help a junior disabled football academy in Telford.

Telford Juniors Disabled Academy have been fundraising for a new minibus to get them to away games and tournaments because the cost of travel was getting too much.

We were contacted by the club and were happy to sponsor the project with a donation of £250.

Cindy Wilday, Go Carz area director, says the company was pleased to add its name to those who had helped to raise funds so the group could finally reach its target.

“Telford Juniors Disabled Academy do an amazing job,” she says. “They have grown over the last four years and are no longer restricted to helping disabled people, they have now extended that to include people from under-privileged backgrounds.

“They have been raising funds to buy a minibus and then they needed to insure and tax it, so it was quite a fundraising exercise for them.

“We were delighted to help out at Go Carz and it’s nice to know that our donation has helped the group achieve their target.”

Telford Juniors Disabled Academy secretary, Zona Reeves, says the group wanted to thank all those people who had helped out with fundraising to make them independent in terms of travel arrangements.

“Telford Juniors was established in 1970, the disabled academy was set up about four years ago and to date we are the biggest of our kind currently in operation,” she says.

“It came about because there was no facility in the community for disabled people to take part in sport.

“Ian Preece initially set up a free coaching session on Sundays which has now grown to the point where he has about 60 people attending on a regular basis and that is still increasing.

“Sessions have also expanded to include people who just don’t have the funds to attend clubs who, in many cases, charge extortionate prices.

“Ian’s bid to swim the channel this year generated most of the funds to buy the minibus with disabled access so he can take the group to tournaments. The normal cost of attending such events has been about £275 a time, so to have our own transport will help no end.

“Receiving funding from people like Go Carz has helped us achieve our goal quicker than we otherwise would have and we are very grateful to them and everyone else who has contributed.”


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