How’s your work/life balance?

It seems like every day there’s a some sort of national event going on to promote a cause, campaign or way of life. But here’s one that might spark your interest if you’re not very happy at work at the moment.

It’s National Work Life Week, it runs from October 3 to 7, and it’s all about your wellbeing.

Here at Go Carz, we think our drivers have a pretty good work/life balance - and the feedback they give us reflects that. Part of the reason for that is they’re all effectively self employed which means they pick the times and dates they’d like to work rather than us dictating their schedule.

Many people think of taxi drivers just working on Friday and Saturday nights but of course residents in the areas we cover need transport 24/7 so it can be a Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm job if that’s what fits your lifestyle best.
We find that way we can recruit anyone, from parents looking to work while the kids are at school to people looking to supplement their income with a weekend job.

At Go Carz we also think our wages system works well to benefit employees and help give them peace of mind because they know they’ll keep 100 per cent of their fares.

We provide jobs for them and all they need to do is pay for fuel and rent either their radio or a car from us.
Because we’re always so busy (we take around 100,000 calls a week across our four offices), drivers won’t be sitting around twiddling their thumbs and waiting for non-existent jobs.

In fact, we’re so busy we are always on the look-out for new drivers, so if you are interested, our friendly team are always willing to speak to you about the ins and outs of life on the road with us.

For more information about job opportunities, simply email or call us on 01743 454265. Visit for more information about National Work Life Week.

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