More new drivers needed

Go Carz is one of the largest private hire firms in the Midlands, so you’ve probably seen one of our cars on the roads near you.

But we’re hoping to be even more visible in the coming months as we’ve launched a recruitment drive for extra drivers.

One of the things we try to do when looking to take on new drivers is to clarify the process of being a driver for a private hire firm.

If it’s not something you’ve ever thought about, it can be easy to misunderstand how it all works.

At Go Carz, drivers take home 100% of their fares and they’re effectively self-employed so they can work whenever they want rather than having to do late nights and weekends if this doesn’t suit their lifestyle.

Go Carz provide the jobs and the main expenses are renting the radio or car and their fuel.

Part of the reason behind our latest recruitment drive is we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people booking taxis with us over the past few months.

At the moment around 100,000 calls a week come in across our four offices.

This means although we successfully recruited lots of new drivers last summer – which saw us through the Christmas season – we’re now so busy we need to take on even more.

The work is definitely out there so anyone willing to put in the hours can earn a very good wage and you’re guaranteed to get plenty of jobs.

Starting at Go Carz can also provide a boost to your CV in the form of the NVQ qualification we offer to all our drivers in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving.

It means you’ll officially be qualified in driving in a professional manner, ensuring passengers’ health and safety, helping those in a wheelchair and processing fares.

For more information about job opportunities, simply email or call us on 01743 454265.

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