More women getting behind the wheel

More women behind the wheelIf you asked most people to describe the typical taxi driver, it’s more likely than not they’d assume it was a ‘he’.

Traditionally, men are seen as much more likely to take on the job but the tide may be turning as here at Go Carz we’re welcoming plenty of women into the company.

In fact, the turnaround has been so sizeable we now get just as many applications from women as we do from men when we advertise for new drivers.

This could be partly down to the new technology in the industry, which has brought with it many safety improvements like tracking devices and security arrangements.

One of our new recruits is Sarah Brannigan, who left her office job to get behind the wheel for Go Carz in Telford.

She says she was sick of sitting behind a desk day in, day out and loved the idea of being her own boss, as well as getting to drive all day.

So far her career move has worked out excellently for her, and she’s calling on all women (and men) in the area who are thinking about it to give it a try, saying the flexibility of when she works has also been a huge bonus for her.

But it’s not just the new recruits who are female, one of our most experienced drivers is Wendy Tyson who became the first ever woman to hold a taxi licence when she started driving in Melton Mowbray back in 1982.

She loves the job as well, not only the flexibility but also meeting new people and visiting lots of different places.

We are currently looking for more drivers across Shropshire and the Midlands, so if the prospect of a new career appeals to you - whichever gender you are - then why not email or call us on 01743 454265?

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