Promotions team

There are plenty of ways you can advertise yourself as a taxi firm and of course having so many Go Carz vehicles out on the streets is an excellent way to get yourself known.

But we want to raise the profile of our company even more so this year we’ve created a new promotions team.

It’s an unusual step for a taxi firm to take as many don’t rely on permanent promotions staff and instead advertise on a more casual basis.

However, we’re extremely proud to have taken on 12 full time members of staff whose focus is promoting everything we do at Go Carz.

Three team members are based in each of the areas covered by Go Carz – Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton and Walsall – and their main job is delivering leaflets to homes and businesses.

And it seems many people agree it’s a worthwhile endeavour as we were blown away by the response we got to the job adverts going out.

More than 120 applications – enough to fill the posts ten times over – made their way to us within days of the posts going public which was a much better response than we could have ever hoped for.

It was great to know so many people were keen to work for us as we’re passionate about providing employment opportunities in all the areas we cover.

Not only were the new team members thrilled to be given their jobs, it’s also provided a boost to our drivers who are delighted we’re taking the promotion of their services seriously.

Promoting the business will also have a knock-on effect on how many new drivers we’re able to recruit.

We’re already looking for 350 extra across the region and that number could rise even higher if we continue to see an increase in demand for our services.

For more information about job opportunities, visit the Drive For Us page on the website.

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