We want your feedback!

You may well have noticed that the Go Carz mobile phone app has recently been updated.

We think it offers a much easier, hassle-free way of booking your taxi, as well as having the massive bonus of saving your bank details so you don’t even need cash any more.

Another big improvement on the old app is that the new version is better at finding addresses and other pick-up or drop-off locations.

You can book a taxi via iPhone or android smartphone using a postcode, point of interest, street name or location using the device’s GPS.

It can save favourite or recent pick-up points, making it quick and handy, and it also gives you the option of tracking your taxi so you can see exactly where it is and the estimated time of its arrival.

But it is only as good as the information we give it, so please let us know if your address or pick-up point is not being recognised.

There are always little quirks due to postcodes not quite matching up to the exact location of an address, but we can make changes to make sure the app recognises it next time. The app is always evolving and we are always looking to improve, but we need your help to do that. So please let us know by calling your local office if you have had any issues when using the app - or indeed any feedback about our service at all.

We love hearing from you and we will act on your comments.

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