Coronavirus: Driver Partners - You matter to us.

Updated: 05 january 2021

We are introducing additional safeguarding measures to protect you against the spread of COVID-19. Please follow the UK Government guidance for taxis and PHVs.        

Travel restrictions in England

Passengers must observe social contact rules and follow safer travel guidance for passengers from the UK Government.

Face coverings 

From Wednesday 23 September 2020 it is compulsory to wear a face covering in private hire vehicles and taxis. Face coverings are available to all Driver Partners operating with Go Carz. Contact your Driver Partner Experience team to request your face coverings, and they will arrange for you to collect a pack, free of charge, every week on an ongoing basis. For more information, click here.

Passengers and driver-partners must put on a face covering when travelling in private hire vehicles and taxis unless they’re exempt. Please be respectful, not everyone can wear a face covering. Visit the guidance for When you do not need to wear a face covering.

In these instances, passengers are encouraged to Download a face covering exemption card.

In-vehicle face-covering notices

It is also recommended that drivers place a prominent sign in your vehicle advising passengers of the requirement to wear a face-covering.

A small poster is available for you to print off and display in your vehicle. Download here

Social distancing

There’s only so much social-distancing you can do in a vehicle. Ask all passengers to sit in the rear seats of the vehicle. Preferably on the left if they are travelling alone.

Protective screens

We are also test-driving in-vehicle protective screens which are a temporary and removable fixture placed behind the front seats of a vehicle.  Further information will be made available soon.

Vehicle cleaning

We have identified specialist, regional vehicle cleaning stations. Contact your Driver Liaison Team to find your local cleaning station.


Encourage passengers to increase air-flow by opening windows, where appropriate, to ensure vehicles are well ventilated.

Contactless payment

To minimise the handling of cash we have contactless payment options available for all journeys using AirPay or our mobile app.

Keeping our towns and cities moving safely and efficiently is not a one-way street.

Passengers also need to play their part to help protect Driver Partners by:

  • Avoiding contact.
  • Wearing a cloth face-covering.
  • Using adequate ventilation.
  • Sitting in the back seat.
  • Washing their hands.


Face coverings

  1. The face coverings are offered to you as a gesture of goodwill with no guarantee given by Veezu that they will protect against the contamination of any illness, virus or other medical condition, including COVID-19.  The face coverings are just one measure to guard against the spread of COVID-19.
  2. From Wednesday 23 September 2020 it is compulsory to wear a face covering in private hire vehicles and taxis. For more information visit Safer Travel Guidance for passengers.
  3. Please follow Government guidance on how to wear a face covering
  4. Please follow Government guidance on the frequency of changing face coverings.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, it is your responsibility to ensure that the wearing of face coverings does not impair, in any way, your ability to drive safely and legally in accordance with DVLA requirements, your private-hire vehicle driver licensing conditions, and other applicable UK legislation.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, it is your responsibility to ensure that the terms of your motor insurance policy are complied with at all times. You should contact your insurance provider to verify that the wearing of face coverings are permitted under your policy.
  7. If you believe that you are exempt from wearing face coverings whilst operating as a driver-partner, please contact Veezu.Services via the portal and provide evidence of your exemption.

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